A smartphone App to bring the experience of people with diabetes to research

Why CoLive Diabetes?

CoLive Diabetes is an international research project aimed at significantly raising the quality of life of people with diabetes. It will study how digital data can be used for a better management of diabetes and for the prevention of diabetes-related complications.

CoLive App will actively engage people with diabetes in research, ensure that their perspectives are heard and  integrated to shape diabetes research in valuable and relevant ways.


Who can be a Coliver ?

You have diabetes
(type 1, type 2, MODY, LADA or other forms except gestational diabetes)
and are 13 or older


As a CoLiver you can :
  • Have exclusive access to surveys
    You will be able to participate to surveys, research design and more.
  • Suggest research ideas
    You will be able to suggest research ideas  and share your experience with researchers to make research reasonate with the daily life of people with diabetes.
  • Test new digital tools
    You will be able to test new digital tools and devices to improve your quality of life and also the quality of life of millions other people with diabetes around the world.
  • Get access to CoLive Diabetes news
    You will have a privileged access to CoLive Diabetes infos: news, research results and events.

Just feel free to join Us !   


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